Maui Ukulele Lessons

You'll discover the refreshing joy of playing the ukulele. Not the
forceful, try-harder, “work” at it approach.

Discover Maui Ukulele Lessons - The Basics and Beyond

Aloha, my name is Wayne...welcome! This brief overview will explain how having
ukulele lessons can be a wonderful entry to many hours of musical enjoyment
and lifelong fun. For nearly 20 years my Maui Ukulele Lessons come highly
personalized, custom tailored to fit the interest, need and playing experience of
each student. I provide focused, structured step-by-step training designed to
shortcut the learning curve while increasing knowledge and skill. But it only gets
better! Due to its appealing sound, portability and playing ease, the popularity of
this friendly instrument is exploding around the world. By having ukulele lessons
in Maui, you’ll join the ever-growing musical “Ohana” (Hawaiian family) in one of
the most enriching ways!

If you’d like to speak with me about ukulele lessons, call (808) 442-2944 I’m
happy to answer any questions you have.

note: Please don’t worry if you’re a total newbie. Trust me, the ukulele is very
beginner friendly. Virtually anyone (I mean *anyone*) can learn to play the
ukulele. If you already bought a new ukulele and you’re having trouble getting it
to sound good, call me and I’ll help you. There are several possible reasons, but
the trouble could be the strings: they’re still very new and need to be broken in!

Relaxation: My “Golden Honey” Trade-Secret to Ukulele Lessons

Practicing and developing your musicality will be slow and difficult if you don't
cultivate inner calm/relaxation with your ukulele. Throughout the Pacific Islands,
the ukulele is a top favorite. Like the natural, enchanting world surrounding
everyone who plays, this instrument exudes exciting, warm energy. In Hawaii,
we call this life-giving sweetness “Nahenahe”. Nahenahe is honey to the tongue,
nectar to the soul, sunshine to the heart. When you relax and create music with
this harmonious sense of being, beautiful music blossoms effortlessly!

Speaking of “Blooming Success”...Do THIS Before Ukulele Lessons

If you haven’t acquired a ukulele yet, seeing my ukuleles info page can save
you struggle and heartache. While the ukulele is really simple to play, selecting
the right instrument is tricky. Especially if you’re new and don’t know how. It
doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, learning how to play ukulele is super-easy
when it’s suitably matched for you. A mismatch, however, works like friction:
Always holding you back. Avoiding that is just like having the ideal pair of
athletic shoes: You want the perfect fit. After all, how lightly, easy, fluid
and fast you go depends on it!