Maui Guitar Lessons

You’ll discover the refreshing joy of playing the guitar. Not the forceful, try-harder, “work” at it approach.

Learn The Guitar From A Local Musician

Culled from decades of playing and teaching experience, my method of
teaching is 100% customized for each student. In other words, no cattle
treatment here. You can expect each lesson to be focused on what’s interesting
for you while being directly beneficial to your musical growth.

Whether you’re a brand new beginner eager to learn the basics,
or someone with experience looking to improve their knowledge and ability,
I provide enjoyable, easy-to-follow lessons that will enable you to.

  • Establish a solid foundation of core fundamentals

  • Cultivate a deep awareness of sound, sense, touch, and feel

  • Strum or pick naturally, with ease and confidence

  • Play your favorite songs

  • Entertain/jam confidently: Solo, or with other musicians

  • Discover world-class playing technique

  • Understand Music Theory, for your personal advantage

  • Cultivate your creativity and improvisation skills